Regulations Governing Use of Albany Marina

Albany Marina is in the heart of a residential quiet zone. In the interests of respecting homeowners and other vessels’ enjoyment of the facility, there is a strictly enforced zero-tolerance policy with regards to noise pollution from all vessels in the Marina at all times of the day.

Albany reserves the right for Security officers to immediately board vessels not complying with our noise policy, to request a resolution to the noise pollution.

A nuisance charge for violating our noise policy, of up to $5,000, can be applied to offending vessels.

Albany reserves the right to evict offending vessels who violate our noise policy with immediate effect.

Vessels that are asked to leave Albany Marina due to violating our noise policy will not be invited to return.

Designated areas are approved for guest parking. Marina staff can advise specific parking locations.

Slip owners who also own vehicles are asked to wash and maintain the vehicles in the areas designated for these purposes. Vehicles are not to be washed on the main roads around the Marina.

Designated areas are assigned for transportation pick-ups and drop-offs. Please do not park on any of the surrounding roadways as to avoid impeding traffic. Marina staff can advise on pick-up and drop-off locations.

Albany Marina has a zero-tolerance for vessel pick-ups and drop-offs on our docks if not berthed in Albany Marina. Please inquire at the Marina Harbor Master Office regarding the “Resort Off-Shore Access” program.

Watersports activities within the basin and entrance channel are prohibited; i.e., jet skis, kayaking, sailing, swimming, etc. Vessels wishing to dive their hulls must obtain permission from the Harbor Master Office. prior to entering the water via VHF CH 74.

Fishing, diving or swimming is not permitted from the docks, finger piers or sea wall.

Bow pulpits or boat bows may not hang over the dock, hoses, lines and power cords and when not in use should be coiled neatly by the pedestal station.

All boats must have general liability insurance with a minimum general liability limit of $500,000 or a greater amount deemed necessary by the Board of Directors with Albany Marina named as additional insured. This information must be on file in the Marina Harbor Master Office.

No paint removal guns or spray-painting equipment may be used at any time in the Marina, on land or water, and the use of any open flame equipment or devices is strictly prohibited throughout the Marina and Albany.

Marina employees must perform all boat refueling at the Gas Dock only.

No fuel trucks will be allowed in Albany Marina.

No slip modifications may be made without the written approval of Marina management.

Any individual and/or vendors who provide repairs and services from outside the Marina must be approved by the Marina Manager prior to being granted access to Albany.

Albany Marina does not guarantee the continuity of electrical service where the Marina provides such service to vessels.

The use of drones or any type of radio-controlled aircraft is strictly prohibited in the Marina or anywhere on Albany property.

Crew may access the Albany Recreational Center (ARC) facilities only.

Captains plus one (1) guest are welcome to use all Albany facilities upon presentation of a Captain’s card issued by the Marina Harbor Master Office.