Guest Policy

Member – Dining-Only Guests

  • As a member you are not limited in the number of time you may have a guest enjoy at Albany’s dining experiences.
  • The hosting member must be present and seated with their guest before the guest may order.
  • All dining transactions must be charged to the hosting member’s account using their member number. However, a member is permitted to authorize their guest to charge a partial or the full amount of the party’s dining bill to the guest’s credit card.

Member – Amenity Guests

  • Prior to using any amenities, including golf or tennis, all guests on property are required to register and obtain a Guest Charge Card at Concierge within the Charles building at Albany Marina.
  • Guests must use a Guest Charge Card for all purchases or transactions and cannot use credit cards (with exception of dining-only guests with the member approval).
  • Guests may use Albany’s non-dining amenities a maximum of 5 times per year.
  • There is no restriction on homeowner-guest amenity use when guests are staying with a homeowner.
  • All golf and tennis guests must first register at Concierge. If you are a guest at the golf course, the daily resort guest fee will be waived, but you will be charged for 9 or 18 holes, with a 9- or 18-hole visit counting as one of your 5 guest visits per year.

Guest Fees

At the time of guest registration, any applicable guest fees outlined below will be charged to the hosting member’s account.

Guest Policy